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Private Customer: Trading Company
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June – August, 2020
A trading company is a newly created organization. It is assumed that in the future it will become a link of a vertically integrated company that carries out a full production and economic cycle: production of raw materials and semi-finished products – production of finished products – sale to consumers – provision of additional (related) services.
Investors have their own production and processing production, with modern equipment and significant production capacity. The manufactured products are planned to be sold through the created trading company.
The problem

The problems to assist in solving of which the Customer turned to business consultants were analysis of market conditions, determination of the main trends of market segments development, formulation of the trading house activity strategy and its rational positioning in the market.

The solution
The development of business solutions for this project was carried out in the following main areas:
1. Development of marketing concept (policy and strategy) of the Trading Company.
2. Designing the organizational structure of the Trading Company.
The application of this model made it possible to determine the main parameters and key targets of the Trading Company’s economic activity based on scenario financial modeling.
The Customer has received an adequate working model of the new business, resistant to changes in the external and internal environment, at the same time, allowing to increase the market efficiency of the Trading Company, expand the size of the business.

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